About us

ERGON's Catering equipment


sector is continiously innovating and technologicaly advancing, specializing in proffesional kitchen and laundry equipment. 


Ergon's Design team can provide efficient area development solution, fresh ideas and unique suggestions, combined with robust technologically advanced equipment, meaning low running and maintenance costs.



Our After sales technical team is consisted of experienced,up to date trained technicians familiarised with all the new technologyadvancement.


Ergon's universal and multi experience enabled us withthe ability to undestand customer's diversity hence to materialize their individual needs reliable and efficient.  



ERGON collaborates with the biggest European hotel chains, holidayresorts, hospitals, clinics, caterings, supermarkets, restaurants,fast food enterprises, cruise ships, convention centers,casinos and professional laundries  . 


During tour long journey we  managed to gain an excellent reputationof international standards for the high level of products and services.




ERGON Catering equipment is committed to the foundamental principles of space saving design,energy saving- high performance equipment, highest quality of components thus minimizing maintance costs and large stock of spare parts offering quick and sufficient after sale services.