South Africa's authorized partner for bi-fuel:

Other SADC countries:



South Africa's authorized partner:

Other SADC countries:



The aim of ERGON is to offer high quality cost effective LPG  conversion solutions to the motorist with particular regard to today’s environmental awareness and rising fuel prices.


Please read through our website to learn more about LPG conversions and what ERGON can offer.

Crashtest Video


26 Jylu 2009

LPG Crach test..

Who said that lpg is not safe??

Watch that video to see the truth.

LPG Stations 

Our company may undertake a construction and earthworks, and the construction of shelters, working with external teams always under the supervision of officials of engineering. They are able to undertake and deliver integrated gas stations.... 

Save Money

Saving Money is Easier Than You Think.

You can cut your operating and fuel costs substantially by converting your existing vehicles to autogas...

Save Money

You will save on fuel if you are driving an LPG vehicle. It is generally around 45% cheaper than gasoline or diesel.

Saving Money is Easier Than You Think.


Going green is smart business when you reduce your emissions by transitioning to autogas. Some of our f customers are using green branding to boost sales, while others win recognition for sustainability.



Save Big on fuel Costs

Reduce your Emissions

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About Ergon Autogas

ERGON is specialised in distributing of controllers for LPG installations. Our innovative approach of
managing and encouraging creative ideas makes that
our products meet the highest demands of the world’s
major markets.
Our main competitive edge is our after-sales service and
our technical support, which makes sure Ergon builds
close and long-term relationships with its loyal customers...