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CNG Filling Stations

CUBOGAS offers "plug&fill" integrated solutions complete with all accessories necessary for a compressor and filling station installation. CUBOGAS systems are efficient under all inlet pressure conditions (from 0.1 to 100 barg/from 1.45 to 1,450 psi) and ideal for all filling station needs thanks to their flexibility.

CUBOGAS Systems include all components required for your complete CNG filling station needs: from CNG dryers dryers that filter gas and reduce water dew point improving natural gas quality, to the new alternative compressor setup, efficient and reliable gas compression up to 250 barg/3,600 psi (4,500 psi available) with storage cylinders. CUBOGAS Systems are ideal fast fill solutions, allowing dispensers to refuel vehicles quickly.

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ERGON is specialised in distributing of controllers for LPG installations. Our innovative approach of
managing and encouraging creative ideas makes that
our products meet the highest demands of the world’s
major markets.
Our main competitive edge is our after-sales service and
our technical support, which makes sure Ergon builds
close and long-term relationships with its loyal customers...

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