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LPG is a modern, environmentally friendly and very cost effective solution for the energy needs of commercial and industrial facilities and residential buildings.

The bulk LPG gas tank ensures economy of up to 30% compared with petrol and is ideal for both professional and industrial use and for heating and cooking needs in housing (central and individual - central heating, kitchen, gas fireplace , boiler BBQ, pool heating, etc.).


LPG is an ideal choice of fuel for areas outside of the gas network. It is mainly used in professional and industrial activities such as industry (mainly food), hotel, bakery, professional laboratory, sanitary facilities (restaurant, grill, restaurant, pizzeria), laundry, conservatory, laundry etc. To cover their energy needs such as hot water with gas boiler, feature classic water boilers and steam boilers for industrial purposes, space heating (boilers and gas burners, heaters, gas heaters),and oven function for bakery products , preparation of fast food through professional cooking appliances running on LPG (cooking ovens hobs, cookers, fryers, grills, Grill, Chicken, rounds, evaporators, dryers, etc.).



Prerequisites for the construction of any gas installation are:


The development of special engineering LPG study and fire protection study and the submission to the competent services for issuing installation, operation and fire. The adoption of the above licenses is mandatory under the law for all purposes be it industrial or professional, whether in residential buildings to heat their premises. The exceptions are very small gas installations with a small number of gas bottles.


The development of the study of specialized mechanical and construction of facilities by technicians who have the necessary permission to build gas facilities.


When asked if the gas is safe fuel respond unconditionally YES, subject to compliance with accuracy requirements and specifications of the Rules of Gas and the design and installation carried out by experienced and qualified engineers and technicians.


Liquefied gas installations, particularly those involving gas tank or even more gas carburettors are serious engineering governed by strict laws and regulations. Their design and construction requires specific knowledge and great experience.


ERGON is the reliable choice for any gas installation or concerns workplace or industry or housing. ERGON is active in LPG installations (design, manufacturing facilities, equipment, marketing, technical support) for several years and boasts a significant number of installations in industries, bakeries, premises, health stores and restaurants, houses e.t.c)




ERGON  provides a complete and integrated package of services and products related to gas installation for both commercial and industrial use (industry, crafts, hotel, laundry, greenhouse, restaurant, bakery, restaurant, grill, etc.) and for heating needs in homes (central and individual - heating), which includes the study of the gas installation, licensing or the Development Division (for industrial activities), or the planning for other uses (professional and home use), manufacture of gas facilities, supply of equipment, supervision and issuance of required licenses, the setting of the installation and commissioning.


ERGON has proven expertise of LPG installations which stems from long experience and deep knowledge of the regulations and of international Standard followed worldwide., Always ensure the safe manufacture and consequently the proper functioning of each installation.


The comparative advantages of ERGON  is:


  1. Our ability to provide integrated solutions that include the design, procurement of necessary equipment, the complete construction and maintenance of any gas installation.

  2. The  knowledge which stems from our many years of dealing with the subject of gas installations

  3. The speed and reliability in handling the design, licensing and construction of any gas installation from the simplest to the most complex and specialized application.

  4. Reliable and quality products we offer and which have been chosen based on our many years of knowledge and experience to respond to what you really seek our customers' QUALITY-GUARANTEE-GOOD PRICE-AFTER SALES ''.

  5. The professional diligence and genuine concern for each customer.

  6. The immediate response to any demand without delays.

  7. The full and complete technical support both during installation and after this in multiple ways (through our specialized technicians, through the network service of the companies we represent, by phone, email, etc.).

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