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Welcome to Autogas CNG

The now well known natural gas, which has changed the map of the energy market with efficient utilization in domestic, industrial and commercial uses, penetrates further more in South Africa into the field of transportation as the most economical and environmentally friendly automotive fuel.

Ergon is the biggest company in alternative fuels in Africa and the only one that can offer complete solutions in the alternative fuel sector.

Dual fuel

The Diesel/Natural Gas Dual Fuel system is an innovative system for conversion of diesel engines on commercial and public transport vehicles into engines capable of running on a blend of diesel and natural gas.

The system's sophisticated special electronics blend the two fuels, giving preference to use of natural gas with the economic benefits this brings.

The Diesel Dual Fuel Electronic Control Unit calculates in real time the amount of diesel fuel it can decrease and the amount to be injected, ensuring the same power output and fewer pollutants compared to the original engine, thus reducing consumption and running costs while retaining the same lifespan and performance of the original engine.

Autogas CNG

When travelling with a natural gas fuelled car you save a lot on fuel costs: you will start saving as soon as you drive.

Natural gas is one of the cleanest energy sources: it has no unburned hydrocarbon emissions, which are considered hazardous and carcinogenic, and cuts CO2 emissions by 20%. This is why these vehicles are allowed on the road when others are not.

Prins natural gas systems permit conversion of all types of vehicles, with sequential, direct and conventional fuel injection. 


Driving with natural gas ensures a significant reduction in both carbon dioxide emissions and the cost of traffic per kilometer. It is characteristic that the price of natural gas is much lower than that of gasolineabd diesel, ensuring rapid savings to anyone who uses it.

In environmental terms, the use of natural gas in auto motion achieves reduction in hydrocarbon emissions up to 80%, thus justifying its widespread use in developed and environmentally friendly countries.

As concerns the safety of the fuel, it should be emphasized that this is undeniable as auto-gas systems are of high standard and comply with the most stringent quality standards and control. Additionally, the safe operation of the gas is enhanced by the fact that it ignites only under exceptional circumstances (limited range of mixture with air).

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