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Our company undertakes the design and manufacture all kinds of LPG gas installations networks for heating - cooling buildings, hot water, food preparation (cooking) and industrial heat treatments. We have studied and built many facilities LPG gas networks in different uses buildings (houses, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, industries, etc.).



ERGON provides integrated solutions "to turnkey" for heating - cooling buildings, hot water, food preparation (cooking) and industrial heat treatments with the use of LPG undertaking the design and construction. Our experience of the studies and the facilities we have built in gas networks LPG guarantees a perfect technical installation and proper, efficient, economical operation thereof.



Contact us to give you a detailed techno-economic information on the specificity of your case. 













LPG is a modern, environmentally friendly and very cost effective solution for the energy needs of commercial and industrial facilities and residential buildings.


The bulk LPG gas tank ensures economy of up to 30% compared with petrol and is ideal for both


professional and industrial use and for heating

and cooking needs in housing

(central and individual - central heating,

kitchen, gas fireplace , boiler BBQ,

pool heating, etc.).




LPG is an ideal choice of fuel for areas outside

of the gas network. It is mainly used

in professional and industrial activities

such as industry (mainly food), hotel, bakery,

professional laboratory, sanitary facilities


(restaurant, grill, restaurant, pizzeria), laundry, conservatory, laundry etc.


To cover their energy needs such as hot water with gas boiler, feature classic water boilers and steam boilers for industrial purposes, space heating (boilers and gas burners, heaters, gas heaters),  and oven function for bakery products , preparation of fast food through professional cooking appliances running on LPG (cooking ovens hobs, cookers, fryers, grills, grill, Chicken, rounds, evaporators, dryers, etc.).


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