Brief History

ERGON Pty Ltd has more than 30 years experience, in solar and wind parks between 50mW and 350mW and is a member of Hana consortium and exclussive represantative for South Africa.

ERGON is a European company with strong international presence in various fields, such as the construction of high capacity photo voltaic and wind farms, alternative fuels for vehicles, battery and fuel cell s energy storage, constructions management, and the supply of professional equipment for hotels and large catering units. With its base in South Africa, it targets to develop the above mentioned fields across the whole African continent, utilizing its European know-how.

ERGONS objective is to deliver sustainable projects to satisfied customers.


Key strategic goals are:

  • Accelerate Africa’s development and evolution.

  • Maintain international diversification.

  • Provide maximum benefit.

  • Maintain a strong financial position.

  • Provide flexibility and innovative thinking.

  • Commitment to high quality standards


ERGON, having a long presence in the energy sector, chooses to represent the real diamonds of what global markets can offer, in favour of the African countries. The use of our experience, combined with the professionalism and knowledge of our partners, can guarantee the integrity of the works and their trouble-free operation, shielding investors from unpleasant surprises and opportunism.








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