IONIA caffe is a coffee roastery founded in 1960 by Don Giovanni Raciti. Since 1975, the company's head office, production and logistics have been based in the small town of Santa Venerina near Giarre in Sicily . Run by the Raciti family, IONIA has grown dynamically into a firm with an international presence, characterized by top production standards, modern marketing solutions and an ever-expanding product offer. 


At present, IONIA caffe supplies customers in various countries, drawing on recognized, time-tested standards that make Italian, and particularly Sicilian coffee blends the royalty of the coffee world. The company also provides a wide range of pre- and after-sales services for its trading partners, and offers coffee-processing machinery and equipment, and automatic coffeemakers.


The secret of the Sicilian art of coffee-making
At Ionia, each phase of the production process is subject to strict control to ensure highest quality. Coffee beans are sorted from several different deliveries, and only then mixed in a unique blend of consistent quality, which undergoes further processing.


Quality assurance and environmental protection 
IONIA caffe is certified for ISO 9000, GHOST and IFS (International Food Standard) with regard to roasting, packaging and sale of coffee. The company is environmentally aware, implementing energy-saving and other eco-friendly solutions.