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Ιn ERGON  we are passionate about energy and our customers. With pride we offer   through our deep knowledge and advanced technology  the best and most secure and reliable ways to meet your needs.

Our group of experienced specialists in LPG can offer you all the important information and support your needs.


With our people, our experience and advanced technology, ERGON  offers an energy solution that meets your needs.

We use our experience to offer our clients solutions with professionalism and adapted to local market needs.


ERGON installs tanks and provides its products in full compliance with the local standards and health & safety regulations.


LPG is reliable, portable and flexible so it can be used in wide range of applications. Provides readily available hot and easily controlled to be the perfect alternative to the gas network.



  • Gas Applications:


For Hotels

If you are a hotel owner, you need a reliable source of energy for many different applications including heating, cooking, hot water, swimming pools and air conditioning. Using LPG  have a reliable source of energy for all these applications and with less risk holiday even in remote areas.


Heating and hot water

Steady supply heating and hot water is crucial to ensure the pleasant stay of your guests at the hotel at any time. The heat from the gas is constantly available and can be used throughout the hotel to ensure reliable heating and permanent hot water.



The perfectly cooked food is a key success factor of catering and hotel facilities using LPG your customers enjoy the advantages meals that have been cooked using fuel easily controlled and cleaner burning.


Air conditioning

The new Gas (LPG) applications are used more and more and now Gas (LPG) can be used as an advantageous alternative for new air conditioning units.



Gas (LPG)  is ideal for heating water in swimming pools and SPA facilities. Either internally or externally, the gas  can help your pool or SPA facilities to keep the right temperature, even in the cold winter months.


For Restaurants

Restaurants use Gas (LPG) because it offers security, reliability, and high-quality energy.

The perfectly cooked food is a key success factor of catering and hotel facilities using your LPG customers enjoy the benefits of meals cooked using fuel more easily controlled and cleaner burning.

And even more in South Africa with all the power cuts every day ,the best alternative energy source, so you don't have to stay behind ,is gas installation (gas ovens,gas equipment,gas fryers and many more appliances) .


The chefs are choosing Gas (LPG)  for the following reasons:


1. Speed

Produces direct heating without the need for warm-up time interval.

2. Control

Produces heat that responds directly to the needs and amended in accordance with them and distributes the heat better in the cooking equipment.

3. Clean

It burns efficiently without black smoke. Does not leave marks on equipment making it easier cleaning.


For Business units and catering supplies


Designed to be combined with portable gas independent source of energy, a wide range of business provisions catering and supply already available. Allow restaurants to provide hot food for special external circumstances, such as weddings.



For Agricultural sector


LPG used for many applications in agriculture. Supplied in bulk storage tanks, and is available even in remote areas.


For Poultry


The heat generated by the gas is directly something helps the chicks have adequate living environment. The proper temperature may be maintained, helping to faster growth and more uniform feeding. Gas (LPG) provides independence from the mains.



For Breeding pigs


Rapid reaction gas with radiating systems are particularly suitable for weaning equipment where smaller pigs can have the warmth they need. They can also be used to provide heating production facilities and fattening animals and feeding mobile pig farms.



For Drying Systems


LPG is a clean fuel, so there is less likelihood of incomplete combustion, penetration of water or fuel pellets. Can feed the burners and can reduce increasingly spending with increasing life of your equipment.

Interference with fire


For Mosquito control devices


A gas mosquito control device can contribute to the suppression of the problem of mosquitoes. The application is becoming popular in tropical regions and is particularly suitable for use on exterior surfaces which restrict the use of alternative energy supply.



For Lighting with flames


This embodiment replaces the conventional street lights by flash illumination, wherein the feed gas is incorporated in the base of the light.



For Emergency Generators


Now adays in South africa we have every day more power cuts than ever avoid left behind in work the best solution is gas installation.

If your restaurant / business requires generators to ensure the availability of electricity in case of need, consult relevant for LPG from ERGON.