HANA Wind & Solar Parks


Who we are?

Hana is a consortium consisted of European companies with strong international presence in the energy sector.

What we offer?

  • Offering expert engineering services

  • Supplying equipment worldwide

  • Financing large scale projects

  • Delivering turn-key solutions

What Hana does?

Plant Design

  • Electrical engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Civil engineering



  • Topographical survey

  • Geotechnical survey

Environmental  Reports


  • Environmental  Impact

  • Assessment

  • Sustainability report

Operation & Maintenance


  • Plant monitoring & operation

  • Periodic maintenance

  • Safety and  site security

Construction services

  • Civil Works and  Site Preparation

  • Preparation  of the site for construction  of the project,  clearing,  leveling  land  and  road works

  • Structure Mounting and  Foundations

  • Drill foundations for the  mounting  poles and alignment under the  harshest conditions.

  • System Assembly

  • Assemblage of the  mounting  structure and panels with  multiple crews  in  parallel

  • Electrical  Installation - Solar Parks

  • Electrical  connections,  grounding, substations,  testing and  power-on

  • Connection to the Power Grid

  • Main  Substation  design  & construction, operation,  measuring  and  maintenance


Project Financing

1.Hana helps with financing of a Large Scale Project

  • Hana arranges  long-term  (10+ years)  bank financing for your project  at low interest rates  (usually  1-3%  lower than the local  bank).

2.Percentage of the system cost covered

  • Bank Financing  can cover up to 70-85%  of the system  cost.  Investors raise  15-30%  of equity respectively.  Provisions apply for existing profitable companies  (more than  3 years of operation).

3.Asset guarantees required

  • Loans are non-recourse,  the  project plant is the only asset guarantee that will  be binded

4.Financial  and  Legal  Services

  • Coordination with  ECA (Export Credit Agency) authorities and  Banks

  • Development of a  Bankable  Business

  • Plan for your transaction.

  • Establishment of the transaction  using  ECA - criteria and  submission of necessary provisions  in  contracts

  • Legal  due diligence.

  • Representation  during  negotiations and full  legal  assistance during disbursement of the loan.

HANA Consortium Partners

Switzerland, Basel

Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB)
Foundatiod is a Swiss foundation
based working to promote sustainable
ad resilient infrastructure through
sustainable infrastructure design and
financing on a global scale.GIB  
work with multiple stakeholders
ranging from city representatives to
project developers and infrastructure

Germany, Stuttgart

Krannich Solar is one of the leading
photovoltaic distributors worldwide.
The owner-managed and self-
financed company offers a wide range
of products for PV installers. Krannich
Solar is represented by 24 companies
in 15 countries worldwide and
employs more than 250 people.

Greece, Heraklion

SynthSsis is a leading company in the
PV installation field and has experience
in construction such as structural,transport

and geotechnical projects for more than 18

years with a portfolio of 200MW.

SynthSsis supports and
undertakes civil engineering in the
construction phases of the PV project.

South Africa Coordination Partner


​ERGON is a European company with strong international presence in various fields, such as tine
construction of large capacity photovoltaic and wind farms, alternative fuels for vehicles, battery and fuel
cells energy storage, constructions management, and tine supply of professional equipment for hotels
and large catering units. With its base in South Africa, it targets to develop tine above mentioned fields
across tine whole African continent, utilizing its European know-how.

ERGON's objective is to deliver sustainable projects to satisfied customers.

Key strategic goals are:

  • Accelerate Africa's development and evolution.

  • Maintain international diversification

  • Provide maximum benefit

  • Maintain a strong financial position

  • Provide flexibility and innovative thinking

  • Commitment to legally quality standards

ERGON, having a long presence in the energy sector, chose to represent the real diamonds of what
global markets can offer, in favour of the African countries. The use of our experience, combined with
the professionalism and knowledge of our partners, can guarantee the integrity of the works and their
trouble-free operation, shielding investors from unpleasant surprises and opportunism.

Key Management of Hana

Dr. All Ahmadi Khatir
Founder and Chairman

​AN obtained his PhD in 2013 from EPFL Lausanne in Power System Engineering. Ali has
over 10 years of experience in management and coordination of power transmission, power
system protection and control, energy system planning. He was worked for IGMC, Iran and
Swissgrid in Switzerland. Ali joined to Automatic Control Laboratory at EPFL as Post
doctoral fellow in the area of demand response, smart building and system automation. Ali is
the co-founder and chairman of Helix Advanced Network Automation (HANA) Ltd.

Dr. loannis Lymperopoulos

loannis obtained his PhD in 2010 from ETH Zurich in Automation and Control. He has held
academic positions at the University of Cambridge and EPFL Lausanne, loannis has over 8
years of experience in the field of renewable energy and development. He has worked in the
design and project construction of several projects across South Europe, loannis is the Chief
Executive officer of HANA.

Christoph Moser

​Christoph Moser is a Financial engineer. Since 1990 he has been a consultant to
international companies and governmental agencies in the field of renewable energy,
electricity trading and investment project finance. He is a Manager, Senior Engineer and
supervisor of many investment projects and expert with wide international contacts.
Christoph is ,ember of multiple international financial organizations.

Key Management of r-t&t kataskeuastikh

Stelios Tzinevrakis, MBA
Founder and Chairman

​Stelios is a Civil Engineer with a Master in Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant
Structures and an MBA from the Athens University of Economics. His responsibilities include
the preparation of proposals for licensing stations, technical studies for the construction of
the plants and the management of the plants. Stelios is the Technical Director in the Inter-
municipal Water & Sewage Company of the Northern Coast of the Prefecture of Chania,

​Dr. Antonios Tzinevrakis
Founder and CEO

​Antonios obtained his PhD in Power Systems from the Department of Electrical and
Computer Engineering at the University of Patras, Greece. He is the founder of T&T
Constructions and has been leading the company since 2006. As electrical engineer of the
company his responsibilities include the preparation of proposals for licensing the stations,
the technical     studies for the construction of the plants and the maintenance and
management of the plants.

Michaela Lymperopoulou, LLIVI
Chief Legal Officer

​Michaela has obtained her law degree from Athens University and her LLM from the
University of Paris I Pantheon - Sorbonne, in European Public law. She has been a legal
consultant and coordinator at Tipik Brussels and a legal consultant at KLF Law Offices and
Geosynthesis. She is heading the legal department of T&T and is responsible for public
procurement, conformity assessment and legal consultation.

Head Scientific Advisor

Professor Dr. George S. Stavrakakis
Vice President of the National Center Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Greece (former)

Prof. Stavrakakis is participating in the last 20 years systematically in the design, development and
implementation of large and innovative RES projects (wind energy, PV, biomass) in Greece and in Romania. His
experience includes certified wind and solar potential assessment. Computational Fluid Mechanics software tool
application for more precise wind turbines type selection and micro-siting, finding and reserving land, preparing
technical and economic studies and participation-coordination in the accomplishment of all necessary actions of
the process to issue partial permits, environmental conditions permits, grid interconnection permit and
establishment, installation permit, contract negotiations with Wind Turbines (WTs) and PV & auxiliary equipment
manufacturers, negotiations with banks and financing/funding institutions, wind and PV project construction
management and coordination.

Renewable Energy Sources Projects (planning, financing, construction management, commissioning, operation)

-Wind Farms x3 - 25.0 MW, Crete, Greece (1999)
-Wind Farms x1 - 23.5 MW, Laconia, Greece (2008)
-Reversible Hydroelectric Plant - 200 MW, International Competition - Senior Advisor for EPC contract
-PV Solar Farms x10 - Two axis sun tracking system (Licensing, Financing, Construction, Operation)
-Solar Thermal Plant - 60 MW, Abengoa Spain and Brightsource USA (Consultant)
-Gas Turbine Power Exhaust heat for desalination - 60 MW (Study for the Public Power Corporation)
-Biogas Power Station, Violipasmata SA, Thessaly Greece (Consultant)
-Montana Energy Romania x5 Solar Farms - 30 MW (Consultant)
-Montana Energy Romania x3 Wind Farms - 60 MW (Consultant)
-Offshore Wind Farms, Jasper Wind, Good Energies, Zug Switzerland - wind assessment studies, grid
interconnection studies, economic analysis, feasibility studies, construction studies (Technical Consultant).
- Jasper Wind Greece Corfu 1 - 275 MW
- Jasper Wind Greece Corfu 2 - 220 MW
- Jasper Wind Greece Andros - 305 MW
- Jasper Wind Greece Agios Efstratios - 455 MW


Greece, Chania

T&T Constructions undertakes the
design of photovoltaic systems. T&T
supports HANA solar in the design
phase including electrical engineering,
environmental impact studies, technical
studies for the connection with the
power grid, and also provides electrical
equipment installation services.

South Africa, Johannesburg

ERGON is a company with international
presence in various fields, such as the
construction of photovoltaic and wind farms,
alternative fuels for vehicles,
battery and fuel cells energy storage,
constructions management, and the
supply of professional equipment. With
its base in South Africa, it targets the
whole African continent.

Greece, University of Crete


Electric Circuits and RenewableEnergy Laboratory, at the departmentof Electrical and Computerengineering, University of Crete, isexpert in the design analysis andintegration of large scale renewableenergy works with a focus in solarand wind.