What we offer


Project Financing

1.Hana helps with financing of a Large Scale Project

  • Hana arranges  long-term  (10+ years)  bank financing for your project at low interest rates  (usually  1-3%  lower than the local  bank).

2.Percentage of the system cost covered

  • Bank Financing  can cover up to 70-85%  of the system  cost.  Investors raise  15-30%  of equity respectively.  Provisions apply for existing profitable companies  (more than  3 years of operation).

3.Asset guarantees required

  • Loans are non-recourse,  the  project plant is the only asset guarantee that will  be binded


4.Financial  and  Legal  Services


  • Coordination with  ECA (Export CreditAgency) authorities and  Banks

  • Development of a  Bankable  Business

  • Plan for your transaction.

  • Establishment of the transaction  using  ECA - criteria and  submission of necessary provisions  in  contracts

  • Legal  due diligence.

  • Representation  during  negotiations and full  legal  assistance during disbursement of the loan.


Plant Design                                                                          

  • Electrical engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Civil engineering



  • Topographical survey

  • Geotechnical survey


Construction services

  • Civil Works and  Site Preparation

  • Preparation  of the site for construction  of the project,  clearing,  leveling  land  and  road works

  • Structure Mounting and  Foundations

  • Drill foundations for the  mounting  poles and alignment under the  harshest conditions.

  • System Assembly

  • Assemblage of the  mounting  structure and panels with  multiple crews  in  parallel

  • Electrical  Installation - Solar Parks

  • Electrical  connections,  grounding, substations,  testing and  power-on

  • Connection to the Power Grid

  • Main  Substation  design  & construction, operation,  measuring  and  maintenance


Environmental  Reports


  • Environmental  Impact

  • Assessment

  • Sustainability report

Operation & Maintenance


  • Plant monitoring & operation

  • Periodic maintenance

  • Safety and  site security