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Why Autogas


Save Money
You will save on fuel if you are driving an LPG vehicle. It is generally around 45% cheaper than gasoline or diesel.

Saving Money is Easier Than You Think.

You can cut your operating and fuel costs substantially by converting your existing fleet vehicles to autogas. Autogas costs on average at least $1.50 less per gallon than gasoline, and the implementation costs are significantly less than for other alternative fuel options.

Historically, propane autogas costs less than gasoline or diesel and is more insulated from the price spikes conventional fuels experience. 

Go Green

Eco friendly


LPG  reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A car with 8.0 l/100km and 20.000 km annual produces 3860kg CO2, 16kg CO and 2.58kg HC while LPG only 2640kg CO2 (31.6% less), 11.21kg CO (30% less) and 1.87kg HC (Hydro Carbon, 27.5% less).

Autogas is a clean-burning alternative fuel that substantially reduces greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions when compared to gasoline or diesel.


Whether improving the environment is a corporate priority, or you recognize that ‘sustainable’ solutions are on the minds of the  consumer, converting to autogas allows your business to contribute to improvements in the transportation sector and to highlight your ‘green’  in brand messaging.

Autogas is among the lowest total carbon emissions fuels, showing a 20% reduction in emissions versus gasoline or diesel.



Better performance

LPG has better combustion rate than petrol and diesel. Driving with LPG helps to extend the lifespan of vehicle’s engine. Autogas is also non-corrosive and without any additives, with a higher octane rating (102 – 108) than gasoline.


Good for your business

Most businesses spend a large amount of money for fueling their vehicles. Because autogas is cheaper, the fuel expenses reduce. Secondly, autogas usage can create a positive image of a business. It is a clear indication that the company applies the best business and safety practices, and cares about the environment.



And Safe to use

The tanks for storing LPG are stronger than the tanks for petrol and diesel. Check the video below where they test the tank with guns:





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